Flexibly Associate Salesforce Contacts, Leads, and Accounts

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Associate Salesforce Contacts to Accounts in Bulk

Do you have stray contacts that are not associated with accounts in your Salesforce database? This can cause your sales teams to miss connections and fail to appropriately account for specific stakeholders in their interactions with an account. They need that context to do their job well.

Using Insycle’s bulk Salesforce associations, you can Associate Salesforce contacts to accounts in bulk. These associations are made using flexibile matching criteria, using any field in your Salesforce database.

  • Identify unassociated contacts in Salesforce
  • Match contacts to accounts flexibly, using any Salesforce data field
  • Create bulk associations between contacts and company
  • Automate Salesforce associations by scheduling templates to run at set intervals
associate contact to company on import
associate leads to accounts in salesforce

Associate Salesforce Leads to Accounts

Linking leads to accounts is a manual process in Salesforce. This means that you have to handle them one-by-one, which can take hours and pull your attention away from more valuable activities.

Insycle allows you to associate leads directly to accounts in Salesforce to ensure that no stakeholders are floating alone in your database. Using a custom lookup field, you can associate leads to accounts to Salesforce in bulk. Learn more about associating leads to accounts in Salesforce.

  • Skip the manual process of associating leads to accounts in Salesforce
  • Make lead<>account associations in bulk
  • Schedule automated lead to account associations at regular intervals
  • Free your teams to focus on the big picture and avoid mundane data tasks

Flexible Salesforce Association Matching Using Any Field

With Insycle, you can relaibly and flexibly assocate contacts, leads, and accounts in Salesforce. These matches can be made automatically using any data field in your Salesforce database, with no limitations. Associate contacts, leads, accounts, and opportunities in Salesforce.

  • Create full associations between contacts, leads, accounts, and opportunities
  • Use any field in your Salesforce database to make associations
  • Ensure your sales teams have full context when engaging with contacts & leads
salesforce associations any field record
associate salesforce data on import

Associate New Salesforce Records On Import

Have you ever imported new data into Salesforce and found that you created free-floating contacts, unassociated with their companies? Companies import data from integrations and third-party data sources all the time, creating Salesforce association issues. This often means fixing them one-by-one.

With Insycle, you can automatically associate new contact imports with existing accounts on import. Stop unassociated contacts from entering your Salesforce database in the first place.

  • Automatically associate Salesforce records during import
  • Make associations flexibily, using any field in Salesforce
  • Create associations between Salesforce contacts, leads, and accounts
  • Preview all import associations before they go live

Preview Association Changes Before They Go Live In Salesforce

With Insycle, you can preview all association changes before they go live. Never worry about making the wrong association or creating confusing situations for your teams. Collaborate with team members to ensure that all associations are accurate.

  • Preview Salesforce associations before they go live
  • Ensure that your new associations are error-free
  • Collaborate with team members to double-check associations
  • Associate Salesforce contacts to accounts confidently
preview salesforce associations
automate deduplication

Automate Your Salesforce Association Processes

Managing associations will never go away. Whenever you add new data or import new contact records, you may have unassociated records. With Insycle, you can automate your Salesforce association processes to run at set intervals. Imagine taking Salesforce association management off of your plate completely.

  • Create Salesforce contact associations automatically at set intervals
  • Put your Salesforce association management process on autopilot
  • Create flexibile rules for identifying associations using any field
  • Preview all changes before they go live, even with scheduled automation

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Caroline German

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Jack Matsen

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Jeremy Jeffers

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Kaitlynn Sirotkin

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Lily Rotter

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Thomas Parisi

Thomas Parisi

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``If your users need to edit data in batches Insycle will bring them much joy and save you so much time! For your admins, it is an unbelievable Salesforce utility tool.``

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