Deduplicate, Cleanse, & Import Customer Data for Marketo

Customer Data Management for Marketo

and other platforms like Salesforce, Intercom, Zendesk, Hubspot, Yext
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Identify and flexibly merge duplicate companies or persons

Merge any record type, match by any field, merge more than 3 records together, and see all field values. Contacts and deals are re-assigned from duplicates to master.

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Identify and fix missing person, company fields

Drag-and-drop fields to find records with missing values.

Standardize person titles and other fields

Multiple variation of each title? VP Sales, Vice President of Sales, Sales Vice President?

See all variations and counts and merge/migrate to consistent values.

Edit person, company data quickly Excel-like

You need an easy way to edit all the new data. Use a table to inline edit company and contact, one at time or many together.

Plus other core features to simplify dealing with data.

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