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Our mission is to make it easy to manage and work with data.


In today’s environment organizations increasingly rely on SaaS cloud applications for running their business.

From sales, marketing, and support to payroll, recruiting, and accounting.

Many business applications that were traditionally installed on-premise are now available as cloud SaaS apps.


The shift to the cloud provides many benefits, yet it brings dramatic change and new set of challenges to businesses in managing data and business workflows.

Traditionally, application databases were stored on-premise and IT managed data using SQL tools.

However with cloud apps, while users store increasing amount of critical business data, no tool exists to manage the apps data.


Insycle enables business users to manage data scattered across cloud apps from a single unified workspace.

Our product makes it easy for anyone in an organization to unlock the value of data buried within any cloud app, anywhere in the organization.

Insycle gives your team superpowers to manipulate data at scale. No more spending hours exporting data to spreadsheets and wrestling with VLOOKUP, IDs, or SQL.

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In every interaction we strive to listen, help, and provide professional advice.


We face many challenges, positive attitude helps us succeed and makes things more fun.

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