Insycle for Intercom

Tool to effortlessly organize, manage, and cleanse data in Intercom

and other platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Hubspot, Yext


Add and remove tags in bulk

Select multiple users and then add or remove tags for all of them with a single click. You can do the same for leads and companies too.

Tip: search for users matching more than one tag. For example, tags:(my-tag AND your-tag)

Pro tip: with search you can segment users in any way using tags. For example, tag users with NPS < 6 that signed up last quarter as “at-risk”

Standardize data easily with few clicks

Data is prone to inconsistencies because it’s captured by different people and via forms. It’s also imported from spreadsheets and integration systems which makes data management even harder.

Pick a field, see data variations, and bulk update to consistent values. Now data fit in buckets, and reports are more accurate and complete. For example, standardize titles.

Create new companies and assign users

Group users by company to see everything happening with that company from one slick page. See more about companies features in Intercom here.

With Insycle you can create companies and bulk assign users/leads to them using easy visual interface (instead of the API).

For example, in Users search for, select all users, and assign them to ACME company.

Analyze user data, group by anything

Need to analyze users or leads data? with drag-and-drop select any attribute(s) to group by and get instant stats.

For example, get average NPS by Industry for users signed up in the last quarter.

Edit qualification data quickly Excel-like

Now that you can capture qualification data in Intercom, you need an easy way to edit all the new data.

Use a table to inline edit qualification data or any other Intercom attribute, one at time or many together.

For example, assign/edit team owner, edit user’s Title, or tweak Industry.

Bulk update, delete, or convert leads, users, and companies

Use Bulk Operations to update multiple records instantly. Instead of exporting/importing .csv files and joggling with ids, use auto-complete to lookup values, make all modifications with a click, and verify easily.

Bulk update and delete (mass update and mass delete) is available for users, leads, and companies. Bulk convert (mass convert) is available for leads.

Plus other core features to simplify dealing with data.

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