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You’ve been sending emails out to your growing @IntuitMailchimp email list, and now certain contacts within your system are being marked as “cleaned.”

🚿`Clean` is a good thing, right?

`Cleaned` in Intuit Mailchimp means that the email has bounced on either its last send in the case of a hard bounce, or in several of the last sends, in the case of a soft bounce.

Um, okay... So, that`s a good thing, right? Not entirely.

Read more on our blog, understand what "clean" vs. "cleansed" means, and see how @Insycle can help you to cleanse, declutter, and standardize your Intuit Mailchimp data to reduce soft and hard bounces, improve personalization, and maintain your email marketing sender reputation. Insycle connects directly to your database, there`s no import export work and other tedious tasks involved.

Cleansed > Cleaned.

Read: What Does ‘Cleaned’ Mean in Mailchimp?
On our blog now.

Happy Friday, Data humans and pets.

No, smoking is still unhealthy; but you know what *is* healthy?
A clean, organized, grass-fed CRM database.

Come to @Insycle for all things healthy data management, and get a free Customer Data Health Assessment!

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@Insycle customer said our support team is always "so sweet."

Other things people said about @Insycle:

"Insycle`s customization is second to none."

"It`s a big, powerful tool and it can take a little bit of playing around to orient yourself, but once you do it is exceptional."

"They have really deep data retention features when merging. You can literally set rules for how to retain data on a field-by-field basis."

"You can match duplicates using any field in your database, and can even add deduplication steps to your workflows."

"They have this cool feature where it detects missing associations in the Contact-Company-Deal triangle and can create them automatically."

"Their support seems great, always getting back to me within a few minutes if I have questions and I have been fairly annoying with really specific questions."

If you`re dealing with messy CRM database/s in @HubSpot, @Salesforce, @Pipedrive, @Zendesk, @mailchimp , @Intercom, @adobemarketo, @yextinc (+and more!), come check @insycle , the truly one-of-its-kind, innovative, robust tool that does it all.

Our customers tell it best.

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Can you hold our drink while we`re fixing your missing deal-to-company associations from your @HubSpot x @Shopify integration?

🛍️ The standard integration between these two platforms creates a HubSpot deal for every Shopify order, but these deals are not associated with a company in the system.

💔 This is a significant gap in the integration process that can cause major complications. Accurate segmentation, reporting, and analysis depends on visibility into the companies and accounts connected to a business’s Shopify orders.

⌛Speed is also critical. Customers want to hear from reps quick. You snooze you lose, right? Sadly, you won’t be able to meet customers` expectations if the Shopify deals are not appropriately associated to companies.

Long story short, friends, @Insycle has a solution.

Insycle`s bulk association feature handles complex data structures and relationships. You can associate contacts, companies, deals, and even custom objects, including child-parent associations. This means that no matter how your data is structured or what relationships exist between your records, Insycle can handle it.

Read MORE our blog-
Create Profitable Segmented Campaigns by Fixing Missing Deal-to-Company Associations From the HubSpot x Shopify Integration.

Read reviews, get in touch, start a free trial.

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