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Standardize fields easily with few clicks

Data is prone to inconsistencies because it’s captured by different people and via forms. It’s also imported from spreadsheets and integration systems which makes data management even harder.

Pick a field, see data variations, and bulk update to consistent values. Now data fit in buckets, and reports are more accurate and complete. For example, for Accounts standardize the Billing Country.

Identify and flexibly merge duplicates

Review potential duplicate records of any type, whether they’re matched by name, phone, or any other field.

Select the master, pick and choose values to use, and merge multiple duplicates with just one click. Child objects of the duplicates are re-assigned to the master.

Fix missing data values

Do you have incomplete or missing data? there’s an easy way to identify it and collaborate with the team on fixing it.

Drag-and-drop fields to see records with missing values. Then, inline edit or share a view with the team. They’ll see the same view and be able to edit it too.

For example, identify and fix Accounts with missing Industry or Billing Country.

Streamline accurate data capture

You and your reps need an easy way to collaborate on data and update it. Use a table to inline edit opportunities, tasks, and other records, one at time or many together.

Instead of creating a report, exporting, emailing to team, and editing one-by-one, try a different approach. Click to send an editable view to the team, and streamline accurate data capture.

Plus other core features to simplify dealing with data.

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