Supporting Our Customers and Community During COVID-19

These times are unprecedented. Every business is operating with uncertainty about the future. As business owners, employees, and people — we all have a lot going on and a lot to worry about.

We’d like to help.

In response to the current situation and the hardships that our customers and community are facing, we are announcing a number of changes to our plans and policies to help you weather the storm.

In times like these, many companies are turning inward, focusing on how they can better serve their customers and operationalize the customer data that they already have. Better data means better execution and better results in marketing and sales — whether you’re a small business, startup, or a high-growth company.

Please read below to find some of the changes that we are making to help ease the financial impact of the coronavirus in our own small way.

We will emerge stronger and better from this.

New Free Plan

For databases with up to 5,000 records, which previously fell under the Starter plan at $39/month. See below FAQ 'What counts as a record'

Increased Limits

For any database size, use Insycle to update, cleanse, or deduplicate for free. Our trial allowed up to 100 records, and we're increasing that to 500 records.

Suspend Upgrade Thresholds

For existing customers on all plans, we're extending an additional 25% records managed without requiring an upgrade to the next tier, to support your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Free plan?

The new Free plan includes all the features that are available in the Starter Plan.

All plans include unlimited usage, unlimited operations, and unlimited users.

Simply sign up to the free trial and you would be able to use Insycle for free, no credit card is required.

What counts as a record?

Our plans are based on the total number of records in the apps that are connected to Insycle.

You can review your counts in Settings - Accounts. Specifically, here are the record types that are included in the count:

HubSpot: Contacts, Companies, Deals
Intercom: Leads, Users, Companies
Mailchimp: Contacts
Marketo: Leads, Companies, Opportunities
Pipedrive: People, Organizations, Deals
Salesforce: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities
Yext: Locations, Assets
Zendesk: Tickets

What happens when I hit my data limit?

For now, we suspend the required upgrade to the next plan tier when you hit your managed records limit. For example, if you're on Plus plan which is for databases with up to 50,000 records combined, you can grow to 62,500 records without requiring an upgrade to the Standard plan.

If you reach the new +25% record limit for a tier, you'll still be able use Insycle. We'll let you know that you have hit your limit and give you a grace period to remove data that's not required or find a plan that fits your needs.

How long will these changes last?

We have no set timeline on the duration of these changes. We will monitor the situation and, when it makes sense, let our customers know when any decisions are made.

I have questions! How can I reach you?

You can use any of the standard channels to contact us. You can use our live chat (bottom right hand of the screen) or contact us through email. We'll answer any questions that you may have about what these changes mean for your business or your Insycle account.

I'd like to give back too!

Awesome! We need to stick together during these unprecedented times.

Fidelity Charitable recently released their coronavirus giving guide that can help you to find the most impactful way to donate money, time, or supplies.

Thank you for contributing.

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